New York's Brooklyn-born Senior Senator, Chuck Schumer, has decided he will not be running for Governor in 2006 when George Pataki leaves office. He will instead put his efforts into the Democratic Party's effort to win back the Senate from the Republicans. It was widely speculated during the elections earlier this month that Schumer had his eye on the Governor's mansion, something he did not confirm or deny while campaigning. This seems to open the door for New York's Attorney General Eliot Spitzer to easily take the Democratic nomination for governor.

Schumer has been tapped to to head the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) through the 2006 elections. The Republicans currently have 55 Senators to the Democrats 44. 2006 will see 17 Democrats up for re-election, including New York's Junior Senator, Hillary Clinton and the current head of the DSCC, Jon Corzine from New Jersey. 15 Republicans will be up for re-election. Jim Jeffords, the Senates only Independent, will also be up for re-election.