2008_08_blaine.jpgBrooklyn's leading magician David Blaine will live in the great outdoors of New York once again in just a few weeks for his next major public stunt, walking upside-down above Wollman Rink for three days. Blaine will perform the "Dive of Death" starting on the morning of September 22 as passers-by in Central Park will be able to see him as he hangs upside-down like a bat while connected to a wire via magnetic boots. He will not eat during his sixty hours on the wire and plans to sleep-upside down as well. This will all culminate in a two-hour special to air on ABC on the 24th. How he will get down remains--like the man himself--wrapped in mystery. The stunt will be less than a mile from Lincoln Center where in 2006 Gothamist visited the "Mysterious Stranger" while he lived in a bubble for a week.