Won't somebody think of the tourists! Arturo Di Modica's famous Wall Street Bull on Bowling Green (technically "The Charging Bull") has been under increased security since the start of Occupy Wall Street but now it's getting serious. "Some guy said he was going to throw paint on the bull's balls," a police source told the News. As such the 7,100 pound bronze beast has received a full on police lock down—nobody is allowed near it—which is making visitors sad.

"I wish I could touch it, then you get more money," an MBA student from China said. "Someone told me touching him is like touching Buddha's belly," sighed an Austrian woman. "I mean, I wouldn't climb up and sit on him or anything, but we thought we'd be able to touch it."

So, yeah, no bull ball rubbing for a bit, it seems. Though there is something really silly about anyone wanting to deface the bronze sculpture in reference to Wall Street since the bull is technically "guerrilla art." The city didn't ask for it, Di Modica installed it beneath a Christmas tree on Broad Street in 1989 in response to the 1987 stock market crash as a symbol of the "strength and power of the American people." When the city tried to remove it people demanded they bring it back (which is how it got to Bowling Green).

Also it isn't like it hasn't been defaced before... Still, we're sure the cops getting overtime to stare at the guy aren't complaining.