A woman who was having trouble with her Metrocard at the 170th Street B/D station in the Bronx got into an argument with a token booth clerk, resulting in him punching her in the face after an argument. Early reports about the Saturday afternoon were unclear, but the Daily News speaks with Maimouna Saoidoh, the 23 year-old victim, who says she asked Gordon for help, who refused. When she and her cousin pleaded, Gordon got angry, and Saoidoh says, "When he started cursing me and insulting me, he called me 'b----'. I said, 'Your mom, too.'" Which apparently set Gordon off, causing him to come out of his token booth and "wrapped his hands" around Saoidoh's neck and "slugged" her. Note to self: Try not to use the "Your mom, too" ANYWHERE...it doesn't seem to be good for karma. Saoidoh, who was treated for bruises and cuts, plans to continue using the subway though.

The 48 year-old Gordon has been arrested and charged with assault and could be fired. The MTA's spokesman says the MTA "will not tolerate aggressive behavior of any kind against our customers" and plans to investigate. Gordon could disciplined or dismissed if found to be at fault. The Post notes that 160 token booths will be closed this year.

Gothamist's experiences with token booth clerks have been fine, if not overwhelming pleasant - most token booth clerks seem very world weary, but they have let us through when our Metrocard has been messed up. Here's a review of the Bedford Avenue L train token booth clerk from Universal Review [via Gawker]. And two movies about subways: Money Train, about NYC's, um, money train (Robert Blake plays a captain) and While You Were Sleeping with Sandra Bullock as a Chicago El token booth clerk...yeah, we know.

Photo above from Satan's Laundromat.