2005_09_busta.jpgBusta Rhymes's bodyguard allegedly punched a fan looking for an autograph earlier this week. The Post reports that Melvin Smith "approached" Rhymes with an "outstretched palm for a handshake" while at a downtown deli, but Rhymes' bodyguard got into the middle of things and then, you guessed it, an argument "ensued." The police confirmed that Smith was treated by NYU Downtown Hospital for four stitches to close a gash. This is kind of crazy, but really, how far would you go to get Busta Rhymes's autograph? However, the best part of the story is when the Post asked Busta about the incident:

When confronted by a Post reporter yesterday, Rhymes hip-hopped past the question of his bodyguard's alleged punching of Smith.

"I heard you punched somebody in the head," he said to the reporter.

When the reporter pulled out a notebook to record the 33-year-old rapper's colorful comment, Rhymes, born Trevor Smith, said:

"If you write anything more on that paper, I'm going to call the police."

And we thought even bad publicity was good publicity. Anyway, Smith (the alleged victim) said that Rhymes sent a bodyguard - though perhaps not the one who punched him - to his office to apologize. Classy!