2005_11_penningtonjersey.jpgThe stabbing brawl that occured in a men's bathroom during Sunday's New York Jets game was actually sparked by the Jets' terrible playing. The Post reports that Thomas Conwell saw Shawn Hundley wearing a Chad Penninton jersey, so Conwell told him he was a "f---ing p--sy" for wearing it. Pennington was injured last season, and then again at the beginning of this season! He's like the Samuel L. Jackson character in Unbreakable! The two men fought over Chad's honor/disgrace outside the restroom, with Conwell slashing Hundley as well as a bystander who tried to break up the fight. Conwell has a history of arrests, including one for being a part of a gang attack, but his girlfriend says that he was acting in self-defense. Hey, Gothamist isn't happy with the Jets this season this year, but football games are brutal. We almost got into a fight in the beer line at a Jets pre-season game, teaching us never ever to leave our seats and not to drink anything so we wouldn't have to use the bathroom.

At this point, fans are just hoping the Jets continue to lose - what with their pitiful record - so they get a good draft pick next year. And Jets replica jerseys are on sale; in fact, Pennington's is $59.99.