Since Gothamist is fascinated with the weirdness that can emerge from having animals in NYC, we were intrigued by two animals stories just north of us, from the city of Yonkers. Police were called to a house about a complaint of fighting dogs, but instead found over 100 animals: "97 cats, 7 dogs, several reptiles and a sea gull." Now, Gothamist can understand five cats. Maybe even ten. But 97? And a sea gull? Police said the house smelled "like a dead body," and think there were so many cats because the owner was being paid $500 by an animal rescuer who had been adopting cats due for euthanization. The owner, whose four children were also living in the house, was charged with child endangerment and assault (her dog charged officers; the dog was shot). This reminded us of Animal Precinct moments when the Special Agents from the ASPCA visit the old lady in Brooklyn who has 40 feral cats roaming around her apartment - these people are well-meaning but also don't understand health issues that can arise. Just because Dr. Doolittle had tons of animals in his house doesn't mean that you should...and Dr. Doolittle is a trained professional, not to mention a ficitonal character.

Also in Yonkers, but on the Metro-North: A 10-foot boa constrictor was on laying on the tracks. Before the MTA could remove the boa, a train came through and "bifurcated" the snake. And some deer were found dead near Metro-North tracks, too. Warning to animals: Living in Yonkers can be dangerous.

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