The Times' story, "G.O.P. Protesters Plan to Infiltrate Convention as Volunteers," opens up with some disbelief from the GOP. And if they didn't think that some people would try this then, Gothamist has to say that the GOP is more arrogant and stupid than we thought. Or that they have worked out an incredibly thorough vetting system with the city, and given that they are looking for 8,000 volunteers, Gothamist doubts they have the manpower to really check out the backgrounds of everyone.

There are many websites advocating that people unhappy with the Republicans and this administration volunteer and sandbag the Republicans in some way (such as not showing up or showing up and being anti-Republican); shadowprotest.org has been telling people to infiltrate both the Republican and Democratic conventions. Kevin Sheekey, head of the NYC host committee, tells the Times, "Those sort of things would harm the city. Those wouldn't be anti-R.N.C. protests. Those would be people protesting New York City." Gothamist has to agree - if protestors were to sabotage the convention, while their ideologies and hearts might be in the right place, it's just a classless move. Gothamist is not saying that the Republican government has been classy, but there's nothing like reports of these types of stunts to rile up people who may have been on the fence. A simple sign that says, "Go Away," held outside Madison Square Garden, might say it all.

Gothamist on the city's effort to recruit volunteers from all political affiliations.