The shock of all shockers: Republicans can attract lots of big donations from corporations! The G.O.P. has apparently raised near the record amount for a convention, from contributors like Pfizer, AT&T, and Microsoft, as well an Indian tribe that runs a casino and our own Mayor Bloomberg, who put up a cool $5 million. While the goal is for $64 million, the article states the RNC's number is in the tens of millions and that this will usher in an era of privately-financed conventions, according to campaign experts.

The Times has the list of donors for the convention, but some of them have donated services (like Disney's Broadway tickets for the Lion King, which is a crafty move, or the Times's "in-kind contributions"). Also noted is that 20 of the 73 donors have given to the 2004 Democratic Convention. Gothamist found it amusing that if you donated $100, you would get a lapel pin and your name on a small plaque at the convention hall. You know, when we donate to PBS, it helps ensure there are great programs all year round and we get a nifty tote!

Anyway, the convention is spelling big money not only to the G.O.P. but also some quick thinking New Yorkers: Check out the craiglist sublets during the convention, which makes Gothamist tempted to find ways to finance a trip out of town. But, no, we'll be here, fighting the good fight. Read more about it on page 20 of Metro (you need to download a PDF).

The GOP's convention site and Gothamist on the upcoming convention.