With one giant swing and a miss from star Alex Rodriguez, the $196 million Yankees season came to a pathetic ending last night against the Detroit Tigers. And with that final whiff (which you can rewatch below), the vitriol poured forth from sportswriters, Yankees haters and even Donald Trump across the web: "A-Rod is a less than average baseball player now that he is unable to use drugs. A-Rod misrepresented to the Yankees. He used drugs. They should cut his salary to $5 million a year -- tops!" Trump tweeted.

"We live in dark, troubled times. But at least we have this: The Yankees won't win the World Series this year. The world's a better place," tweeted Bleacher Report's King Kaufman. "Well, that sucked. I mean, not for Tigers fans, or fans of any other baseball team. But you know," tweeted Deadspin's Barry Petchesky.

But most of the anger, including Trump's, was directed toward A-Rod. "when Rodriguez swung through Valverde's 94 mph 1-2 fastball, not one honest person in Yankee Stadium could truly say they were surprised," wrote Wallace Matthew at ESPN.

For his part, A-Rod admitted he sucked yesterday: "The irony is I was waiting for that at-bat all series," he said. "I felt like I never really had a situation to really make a really big difference, and that was the one. And I came up short." And that's just what ESPN finds so scary: "But the fan base should be afraid -- very, very afraid -- that what everyone saw Thursday night in the Bronx was the beginning of A-Rod's end as a dynamic offensive force."

And as Nate Silver points out, he isn't going anywhere soon, not with over $100 million still to collect: "Cheer up, Yankees fans: A-Rod has six more years left on his contract."