President-elect Donald Trump's first televised interview will be on 60 Minutes tomorrow, but the news program has offered a few tidbits. For instance, Hillary Clinton made a "lovely" concession phone call to him.

The call was made early Wednesday morning. Clinton's top aide Huma Abedin apparently reached out to the Trump camp when it became clear the billionaire real estate mogul, whose hateful rhetoric and promise of a better economic future galvanized voters, would secure the electoral votes from Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Trump told 60 Minutes' Lesley Stahl, "[I]t was a lovely call and it was a tough call for her. I can imagine. Tougher for her than it would have been for me. I mean, for me, it would have been very, very difficult. She couldn't have been nicer. She just said, 'Congratulations, Donald, well done.'"

He also mentioned speaking to his former golf buddy, President Bill Clinton, on Thursday night. "He couldn’t have been more gracious," Trump said. "He said it was an amazing run. One of the most amazing he's ever seen."

It's been amazing all right: