As part of his march to Make America Use Sub-Sixth Grade Grammar Again, Donald Trump has proposed banning Muslim immigrants and tourists from the country. And today he says he might have Rudy Giuliani head up a "serious" commission to consider the plan.

On Fox News (who else?) this morning, Trump revealed his thinking: "We have a president that won’t even use the term ‘radical islamic terrorism.’ He won’t use the term. He refuses to say the term, even after Paris where 130 people were killed or San Bernardino or any other place…. It’s a real problem. So we’ll figure it out, and we will get it going. But we have to be extremely careful. In fact, I’m thinking about setting up a commission perhaps headed by Rudy Giuliani to take a very serious look at this problem. But this is a worldwide problem, and we have to be smart."

It's unclear whether this commission would happen during Trump's campaign or when he enters the White House from a gilded Trump escalator. Trump has also stood by his idea to create a database of Muslim-Americans.

Giuliani has publicly pointed out that Trump's idea of banning Muslim is totally unconstitutional

When discussing the crisis in Syria, the Mayor of 9/11 said, "I think we have to be very careful about who we let in. I don’t think we should let any of the refugees in. I think they should be put in a safe zone in Syria, but if you do a ban on all Muslims, I have no question that you violate the first amendment. The reality is if you let no one in, you could say well, they have no Constitutional rights but once the government sets up a system, the government cannot discriminate in the way it applies that system. So the minute the government sets up an immigration system it can’t use religion as a test or race or gender as a basis for why someone can’t come in."