Last week, it was revealed that Donald Trump Jr. gave up his Secret Service protection sometime in mid-September; according to the NY Times, "he was said to be seeking more privacy than he can expect with a contingent of agents accompanying him everywhere." There was some speculation that it was related to the investigation to the Trump campaign's ties to Russia, but now it seems it was a lot more simple: Donny wanted to go hunting in Canada. Because he really loves hunting.

Journalist Luke Dittrich revealed in a NY Times Magazine piece that a friend in Yukon noticed the eldest Trump son at the airport on September 14th, before reports surfaced about removing his Secret Service detail. The friend said he was wearing "outdoorsy gear. Gore-Tex. Khakis and boots. Baseball cap" and was with an "older guy, squat and short. And a young kid, maybe early 20s. Southern accents," who didn't seem like security.

Dittrich, who owns a place in Yukon and had been scheduled to be on the same flight as Trump Jr. (but missed it due to connection issues), waited for stories to emerge about the hunting trip, but all was silent, "I wondered whether my friend at the airport had been mistaken. The president’s son is the sort of generically handsome guy that might have more than a few look-alikes." Then on Friday, he staked out the airport and found Donny:

I was on the phone with a friend, complaining that I felt like paparazzo, when I spotted him.

Baseball cap, red checkered shirt, week’s worth of stubble, khaki pants, camouflage backpack, sturdy shoes and a long black carrying case presumably containing a hunting bow. He walked past me, all alone, and stopped in front of a door to the side of the main security entrance, a door you use when you’re checking either unusually bulky items or weapons. He started ringing the buzzer beside the door. Nobody answered. I got up and walked over.

“Hey,” I said. “I’m Luke.”

I held out my hand, and he shook it.

“I’m Don,” he said.

I told him that I heard he was in the area, that I was with The New York Times Magazine and that I’d love to talk to him about his trip.

“The Times,” he said. “I never know where you guys are coming from.”

I asked if he bagged anything.

“I can’t really tell you that,” he said. ‘‘Let’s just say it was a good hunt.’’

Was it a moose?

“I can’t … look, I can’t say.”

(It was a moose. Big one, too.)

Trump Jr. seemed satisfied with the coverage, Instagramming a screengrab of the story and writing, "Thanks, The NY Times called me handsome, polite, is surprised that I fly comercial like everyone else, and cleared up nonsense speculation as to why I was quiet for a few days... I'll take it.😂 Checking outside for flying pigs. Shockingly, I guess I'm less of an international man of mystery than others would have you believe."

Earlier this year, Trump Jr. told the Times that the criticism about hunting was misguided, "Too much of hunting has turned into the notion of the kill. It’s a component, the meat. But so much is experiential, so much is relationships. It is sitting in a duck blind with seven people, cooking breakfast. For me, it’s been a great way to see the world. The least interesting part is the three seconds it takes to pull the trigger." Still, the kills are immortalized in these photos: