Donald Trump had some choice words to say about newly appointed Lieutenant Governor Richard Ravitch. The Post prints some of a letter that the developer-bloviator sent to Governor Paterson; here's an excerpt: "His image as a 'Mr. Fix-It' is exactly that, an image... He is able to communicate well with reporters and the press, and his image has always been good and very clean despite his failures as a businessman and representative of state government... If you look at Mr. Ravitch's history with the unions, it will show one thing very clearly: that the unions will love having him at the helm because he will give them whatever they want, even though the deficit of New York has reached catastrophic levels." Trump adds that his dad worked with Ravitch, but "it became obvious to my father, Fred, that Dick Ravitch was very ineffective at getting the lowest price and overall best contract." Oh, and The Donald also blames Ravitch for the MLB strike in 1994 (Ravitch was lead negotiator). As for challenging Ravtich's appointment, that case will be heard on Wednesday.