So how does Donald Trump follow-up his heroic triumph at needling President Obama into talking about his birth certificate? Oh, the only way any respectable professional reality star might: by calling Confederate rebels “wonderful,” “beautiful,” “romantic,” and “great." Indeed, Trump must have tremendous brass balls; just ask conservative mastermind Roger Stone: "Trump has enormous balls. He will say anything, anywhere, if he believes it," he told The Observer. We certainly believe it—after all, someone would have to be carrying watermelon-sized balls to have their line of men's wear clothing produced in the one country they constantly rail against.

Yes, Salon found out that some of the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection, "the pinnacle of style and sophistication," is lo-and-behold manufactured in China (others pieces were made in Mexico and in Bangladesh). The man who said that "China is raping this country” has his clothing line produced there. And he said that just this morning!

Because among his main talking points, China has been one of the sweetest spots for him to pontificate upon. Trump has complained about Chinese currency "manipulation," he's called for a large tariff on imports of products from China in order to bolster U.S. manufacturing, and he's even urged Americans to buy fewer products from China, saying they are shoddy. He's claimed again and again that he tries to only give his business to American companies, even if it's more expensive.

We suppose we shouldn't surprised. As Alan Marcus, Trump's public-relations guru in the 1990s, told the Observer, Trump has always been more bark than bite...but most of all, opportunistic: "There is a vacuum. Donald knows how to fill a vacuum. Donald loves the media, loves hearing the sounds of his voice and knows exactly what people will gravitate to. He sees a niche and bang! He's there." Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway, who has been in talks about signing on for the Trump campaign, added: "He has the moxie and the willingness to campaign in Iowa. But does he have the wardrobe?" Now we know he does have the wardrobe, and where it's from.