Hillary hung out with Mayor de Blasio at the Inner Circle Show; Bernie took in a showing of Hamilton; Ted Cruz begged Republican Jews for help; and Donald Trump participated in the Great NYC Political Pandering Of 2016 by finally taking his first trip to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum. At least he made a sizable first time donation as well, giving $100K to the institution.

Although he had never visited the memorial before now, Trump has claimed that he "lost hundreds of friends" at the World Trade Center (he also has had no problem invoking their memory on the campaign trail while making up bullshit about Muslims celebrating the attacks in NJ). The Daily News notes that before this, Trump's charitable foundation hasn't made a "single substantial donation to any 9/11-related nonprofit groups that have aided survivors, rescue workers and the families of first responders who gave their lives trying to save others."

Trump and his wife Melania spent about 30 minutes inside the museum, and were given a tour by its President and CEO Joe Daniels, along with "other museum officials and representatives of the NYPD and PAPD."

People at the museum were clearly thrilled with their brush with greatness:

In a statement released after the visit, Trump took a swipe at Cruz and his "New York values" comments.

They were incredibly impressed with the museum, a monument representative of all of the wonderful people who tragically lost their lives and the families who have suffered so greatly. It is also symbolic of the strength of our country, and in particular New Yorkers, who have done such an incredible job rebuilding that devastated section of our city. This is what ‘New York values’ are really all about.

According to the latest polls, Trump has a sizable lead over Cruz and Kasich in the state, which is probably the only good news he's received lately. After a disastrous week spent insulting women and trying to apologize for it, Trump's campaign is starting to fray at the edges. The NY Times reports that his persistent double-speak, his habit of adding "deflating caveats to his headline-grabbing trial balloons," is catching up to him. The Boston Globe is printing fictional front pages to show just how terrible a president he would be.

And Trump was thoroughly dismantled in Wisconsin by Cruz this week. That last bit is especially alarming for his campaign, and according to AP, Trump and his team are regrouping and re-strategizing in its wake. Trump has canceled his plans for the rest of the week, he's bringing in new staff, and he's planning to place new focus on "policy," whatever that is. Of course, this might be a situation where the only decent solution is throwing the orange-tinged baby out with the bathwater.