Some stories are just too sensible to be true: yesterday, the Daily News reported that Donald Trump's children Eric, Donald Jr. and Ivanka staged an idiocy intervention with him recently over his increasingly unhinged rants about Obama, ostensibly to protect their family's super classy reputation. Coming on the heels of Trump giving Obama two thumbs up for his handling of Israel, it seemed as if maybe there was some nugget of truth to it. But Trump has adamantly denied that any such meeting took place—after all, "it's not in their nature" to stand up to him.

And like clockwork! All that magical Thanksgiving good cheer ("HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone--I love you all, even my many enemies (sometimes!)")! Was out the window! So he followed up that mini-rant with this classic Donaldism: "Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. But get ready, our country is in big trouble!"