There are 21,243 New York City residents licensed to carry a concealed weapon, and at least three of them are Trumps. Donald, Donald Jr., and Eric Trump, all proved to the NYPD that they need to have a firearm close at hand for safety reasons. But if Donald Trump can carry a weapon because he fears for his safety, can't we file for a permit based on the fact that Donald Trump is walking around with a gun? Also, can our wild animals also file for permits?

The Post has a long list of celebrities and rich folk who have permits to carry firearms that includes John Catsimatidis, Howard Stern, and Robert De Niro. "By definition, these are the least needy people for permits. Many of them have the means and wherewithal to secure their own private army if they need to," Eugene O'Donnell, a former cop and professor at John Jay, says. Yes but what if John Lennon had a gun?

O'Donnell explains the mindset of the gun-toting upper-crust thusly: “There’s a sense that things can unravel—and where will you be then?" Indeed, where would you be then?