While ex-IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn cools his heels at the hot tourist attraction 71 Broadway, new complaints about inappropriate conduct by the French politician have come to light. None of the women the Post has dug up claim the "great seducer" did anything to them, but the stories of his lame attempts to woo will likely not help his reputation here—though thanks to conspiracy theories, his reputation in France seems to be doing okay.

According to the Post, the married father of four DSK was desperate for some action on the side during his stay at the Sofitel hotel in Midtown. First he asked the VIP receptionist who showed him to his room if she'd like to join him for some complimentary champagne after her shift (she shot him down on the spot) and the next day he reportedly tried the same trick on a desk receptionist (she also turned him down). Undeterred, it appears that DSK kept on making plays for hotel staffers until he finally, allegedly, took things into his own hands with a hotel maid.

And after his fateful attempt to woo the maid, DSK still wasn't done. Reportedly while waiting for the Air France flight he tried to skip town on to take off, the Socialist party leader watched a flight attendant in first class move up the aisle and loudly proclaimed "Quel beau cul!"

Meanwhile, the media here is obsessed with DSK's whereabouts: The AP today breathlessly reported when the man's wife left the apartment they are sharing.