Mayor Bill de Blasio was not received warmly at this weekend's Dominican Day Parade, finding himself booed by revelers resentful of critical statements he made about the country's government back in June.

The mayor is in hot water with his Dominican constituents after calling the government racist and immoral during a speech decrying the expulsion of Haitians from the country. Chants of “No more de Blasio, no more de Blasio!” were audible as the mayor made his way down 6th Avenue on Sunday, a block behind Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“He talks too much,” one heckler told the Daily News. “He doesn’t like the Dominican Republic. He says Dominicans don’t like black people. That’s not true.”

Despite the icy reception, the mayor said he doesn't regret his comments. “If that situation is improving in the Dominican Republic, it’s because there was a public outcry. And I’m very comfortable with the fact that that had to be called out,” he told reporters following the parade.

Cuomo, on the other hand, was cheered by parade-goers holding signs that read "Dominicans with Cuomo." He also accepted awards at separate Dominican Day breakfasts, neither of which de Blasio was invited to, the Post reports.

Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi tells Capital, "We commonly hand out signs at parades and give them to anybody who wants one. They ‎don't come with instructions."

The parade's grand marshal this year was the former MLB pitcher and Hall of Fame inductee Pedro Martinez, who played for the Mets and the Boston Red Sox.