100608whip.jpgAfter a number of vice squad crackdowns on Manhattan S&M clubs, some outraged dominatrices are bonding together to defend their profession, which they say has been wrongly maligned as prostitution. The Post sent a reporter over to Dungeon Alley (a cluster of S&M clubs in Midtown) and Chelsea's Le Salon De Sade, where the dominatrices "were dressed to the hilt with no one to flog. " De Sade's owner Mistress Johanna says, "It's never been worse. Business is down 70 percent. We've had all these busts, and now the economy is out of control. The uncertainty is torturing us." Investigators say that the raided clubs were essentially prostitution houses, but a lawyer hired by over a dozen dominatrices and dungeon owners insists "everyone was operating under the belief that what they were doing was legal." Besides retaining an attorney, the group is forming a union and even a political action committee (DomPAC!) to lobby lawmakers for legal protection.