2008_09_dmviol.jpgThe Health Department issued a report about "Intimate Partner Violence" in NYC, and, between 2003 and 2005, 44% of all women murdered were killed by intimate partners. The Health Department also noted that domestic violence also accounted for nearly 4,000 visits to the ER.

Those most at risk appear to be women in their 20s, black women, and women in low-income areas. Additionally, ERs most commonly see women who have been punched or kicked, but most fatalities are from stabbings or shootings. Most of the violence occurs in the home, and the Health Department reports, "Some 15% of the women killed had active orders of protection against partners, but most medical records lack information on whether victims have sought help from the police or the courts; contact with police was mentioned in only 23% of hospitalized cases." You can read the entire report here (PDF).

Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Frieden said, Every act of intimate partner violence is a crime and a tragedy. No woman should be threatened or abused, let alone in her home or by her partner. If someone is abusing you – or you’re worried about a friend or family member – please call 311 or 800-621-HOPE (621-4673). Anyone in immediate danger should call 911.” The Health Department, NYPD, and Mayor's Office to Combat Domestic Violence are working on ways to identify and prevent domestic violence, like creating screening kits for health care providers, arranging security surveys of victims' homes, and teaching young people about healthy relationships.