Police continue to investigate the tragic deaths of a little boy and his baby sister, apparently by the hand of their mother who survived a suicide attempt. Lisette Bamenga, a 29-year-old public school teacher, was found with slashed wrists—the cuts ended up being minor—in the Bronx apartment with the gas turned on. The Daily News' sources say that she and her husband, rookie cop Trevor Noel, had argued in days before the horror, "There was domestic discord of some sort."

Her Bronx building had called 911 because they smelled gas and police found the bodies of Trevor Noel, Jr., 5 and Liliane Noel, 4 months, "unresponsive." It seems that Bamenga, besides turning on the stove's burners (but not lighting them), fed them de-icer, and one of the two suicide notes allegedly read, "You got what you wanted. Me and the kids are in a better place now." The Post reports, "Sources said Bamenga believed her husband fathered a child with a woman in Spain — and she was furious. 'In a jealous rage, his wife killed her children and then tried to kill herself,' a law-enforcement source said."

One neighbor, who didn't smell gas, told the NY Times, "I’m trying to understand it. I wish I would have smelled the gas. I wish I could have done something." The Times adds, "It was unclear whether the children had succumbed to gas asphyxiation — lack of oxygen — or died from a lethal dose of some kind of poison, a police official said. Ellen Borakove, a spokeswoman for the medical examiner’s office, said that autopsies on the children did not reveal the cause of death and that further tests would be conducted."

Bamenga, who taught at P.S. 58 in Brooklyn, is at Jacobi Hospital and charges are expected against her. Her brother told the News, “We don’t know what happened. It’s just very hard."