Embattled ex-anchorman Dominic Carter has been released early from jail just as new reports come in that he was already arrested once, 13 years ago, for beating and choking his wife. Last month he was sentenced to 30 days for abusing his longtime partner Marilyn, who claimed he’d been using her as a punching bag since 2003. Now we know the episodes go back more than a decade, but she sill blames his behavior on the sad, sordid story of his childhood, revealed graphically this week in a NYMagazine piece. "Those demons that he's carrying around were turned on me," she said.

NY Magazine interviewed both Carter and his wife, getting tons of very gritty details about the years of abuse that Carter’s schizophrenic mother inflicted on him, and that Carter passed on to Marilyn as an adult. The former NY1 news anchor remembers his mother forcing sex on him when he was just seven. Other acts remained buried in his subconscious:

He only learned of his mother’s most violent deeds—the day a voice told her to throw him out the window, the many times she beat and strangled him, the time she nearly ruptured his testicles during a vicious spanking—when he recently discovered her psychiatric records.

Carter was let out of jail early on good behavior and is required by law to stay away from his wife—who he was still berating the day he left for prison—for two years and to undergo 52 domestic violence classes. The NY Post says both believe their marriage is finally over. "I truly believe he wasn't striking out at me, he was striking out at his mother all these years, no doubt about it.” Marilyn said. But, she added, “I got tired of being his mother."