After being convicted of attempted assault against his wife, political reporter Dominic Carter has been sentenced to one month in jail and barred from seeing his spouse for two years. Ramapo Town Justice Arnold Etelson called the former NY1 anchor "the classic case of a domestic abuser" after citing a record of domestic violence police calls going back 13 years.

"What you and your wife presented at court was a pack of lies," Etelson said, referring to Marilyn Carter's claims that she was not beaten by her husband, but by a day laborer. "Mr. Carter, don't mess with the American judicial system." According to the Daily News, the 45-year-old journalist — who has been officially fired from NY1 — was also ordered to seek psychiatric treatment. "If you learn nothing else from this incident," Etelson said, "next time you get involved in a heated argument, step back, count slowly to ten and walk away."

Etelson reportedly gave Marilyn a green sticker reading "Attitude Makes the Difference," and urged her to post it on her bathroom mirror "so that you'll see it when he comes home." The tabloid notes that Etelson gave the journalist an article about actor Matt Damon. Carter's attorneys called the two-year order of protection "almost medieval," and "draconian." "I've never heard of anything like a judge telling a wife she can no longer be with her husband," said lawyer Julia Kuan. "They love each other and she wants him home." Carter apologized to his wife "for not being a better husband," and asked the justice to "consider all the things I've done to help other people all throughout my life."