2008_08_dollars.jpgWhile the rising dollar may be good some people, some are warning that its strength could hurt NYC real estate and tourism. A former NY State deputy comptroller and NYU professor Rosemary Scanlon tells the Sun, "Europeans are going to start pulling back, to change business and personal vacation planning. [Foreign tourism] has been a really good buffer for us all summer, but now, we'll be much more at the mercy of whatever the local downturn may be." Another interesting scenario is foreigners betting against the Euro: "One international buyer who recently purchased the entire 10th floor of the I.M. Pei-designed Centurion Condominium at 33 W. 56th St., for example, asked to pay the $15.5 million price tag up front rather than at closing, in expectation that the euro would continue to weaken against the dollar, according to the director of sales at the Centurion."