Legendary New York Knick—and former U.S. Senator from NJ—Bill Bradley has weighed in about the Nets' impending move to Brooklyn. And, according to CityRoom, he thinks it sucks! Noting how the Atlantic Yards project has been beset by years delays, Bradley said, "Maybe it takes something like that to bring people to their senses. They don’t belong in Brooklyn. They belong in New Jersey. They belong here." Atlantic Yards developer and Nets principal owner Bruce Ratner says that ground will be broken—in Brooklyn—this year but Newark Mayor Cory Booker thinks the Nets may never play there. Last week, Booker told a radio show caller, "I'm going to go way out on a limb here and let you know maybe more than I should. I am confident, now more than ever, that the deal with Brooklyn is just not going anywhere. The team is going to go up for sale. That's my prediction." Booker is more worried that the Nets will head to Kansas City or Seattle.