At churches around the world, the beautiful tradition of midnight mass on Christmas Eve is being watered down by wusses who get too sleepy waiting up to 12 a.m. to celebrate their savior's birthday. Even in the Vatican, they're clocking in early with a 10 p.m. mass, just so Catholics can go beddy-bye after phoning in a quick Feliz Navidad to the Messiah they believe died for their sins. But not in New York City, baby! At St. Patrick's Cathedral, ballin' Archbishop Timothy Dolan still gets down with God after midnight.

"Well, I’m kinda glad this year, that we’re holding tradition," Dolan tells WCBS 880. "Even the Pope seems to have given in now. Even he’s doing his at 10 o’clock in Rome, but I think I’d be thrown off the Empire State Building if I tried to change Midnight Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and I don’t have any intention of doing so. I love it." It's nice to know New Yorkers have Dolan right where we want him: Living in constant fear of defenestration over the slightest change in protocol.