Like a thundering heard somewhere over the horizon, you can detect the roar that's faint but growing louder with every second. You strain to pick up the message in the wind, until at last you can make it out: EMAILS, the hottest meme of 2016 is back in the news, this time because the Justice Department has announced they'll be looking into how James Comey handled the FBI's investigation in Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server.

The Justice Department inspector general has opened an investigation into Comey's actions at the end of the election, and whether Comey "followed established policies" during the investigation.

The IG will look into whether Comney's July press conference, in which he announced Clinton wouldn't be charged but still acted recklessly, was appropriate; whether a DOJ assistant attorney general close to Clinton aide John Podesta should have recused himself; and whether any FBI employees "improperly disclosed non-public information." Previously, it was noted that Rudy Giuliani was claiming that he had knowledge of a forthcoming FBI-related surprise near the end of the election.

As you all might remember, Comey came under heavy fire for the way that he handled the reopening and quick closure of the Clinton server investigation near the end of the 2016 presidential election, a decision that could have cost Clinton the presidency.

Clinton spokesman Robbie Mook praised the news of the investigation during an appearance on MSNBC: