The dog owners of the outer boroughs have oddly always seemed to have less outdoor space for their canines than those in Manhattan; or maybe they just speak up about it more. Either way, the Brooklyn Paper reports that dog owners of the South Slope "have commandeered a small park near the Prospect Expressway for a dog run" and are now angling to make it official.

The upbeat VP of the New York Council of Dog Owners Groups (it exists), says that usually these attempts fail, however, and "are formed blissfully unaware of the four- to five-year process that lies before them. People move away, dogs get old. Most get frustrated and give up.”

Still, Brooklyn is in desperate need of a dog run, currently there are only 11 enclosed runs, and with puppy kickers running rampant in Prospect Park during leash-off hours, there's nearly nowhere to turn! As petitions get signed, Parks Department spokesman Phil Abramson advises, “The group should be prepared to raise money towards installation and maintenance of the dog run."