Earlier this week, the NY Times had an article about how Apple's retail stores were uncommonly successful. The Apple Stores contribute to 20% of revenue, unlike other big brands whose brick-and-mortar offerings tend to be more about brand presence than actual ringing of cash registers (example: the Samsung Experience store at the Time Warner Center doesn't actually sell Samsung products).

Experts credit Apple with creating stores that seem like a community gathering places, where people can surf the Internet all day long and write their novels, with friendly staff and wallet-busting products that people covet in beautifully designed stores. However, while the stores are customer friendly, they aren't necessarily customer-pet friendly:

A customer entered the 14th Street store last week with his two whippets. Their reaction to the impressive stairs was more fear than awe. When the dogs refused to climb the steps, their owner scooped both of them into his arms and carried them up.

Puppies, we feel the same way! No matter which Apple Store we're at, we keep wondering about the engineering involved to make sure the glass-on-glass stairs (with some metal) are secure. And an idea - Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan gives a talk and demonstration at the Meatpacking Apple Store!