American Airlines has added a creature comfort outside its terminal at JFK International Airport. According to the press release, the new "Pet Relief Area at the terminal's departure level" is for "passengers with pets [to] give their canine or feline friends a final chance to relieve themselves before packing them away in their kennels for the flight." American's Facilities Maintenance Manager at JFK, Joseph Daly, explained, "American Airlines is sensitive to the needs of passengers who travel with their pets. Pets that travel have comfort needs, too, so we wanted to provide a way for them to be comfortable before boarding their flight, just like the rest of us." Here's AA's traveling with pets policy.

The Pet Relief Area is in a 30-foot by 50-foot enclosure, "including a 1,000-square-foot patch of natural grass....five-foot wide entrance gate, a walkway and two benches" plus a 'Mutt Mitt' dispenser, trash barrel, and bright red fire hydrant. This was announced yesterday—the same day that Pet Airways, the all-pet airline, launched.

Newsday reports the turboprop plane, which was modified to carry 50 dogs or cats, "took off from Republic Airport in East Farmingdale Tuesday" and stopped in "Washington, Chicago and Denver on the way to Los Angeles, with mandatory potty breaks to ensure passengers' comfort." An attendant checks up on the pets every 15 minutes during the flight. Pet Airways' founder explained, "We're for pet lovers, obviously, and for people who are relocating, going on vacation and dropping the pet off with Grandma, for pets going to shows and for pet rescue and adoption."