The Pomeranian that was dognapped outside a Williamsburg grocery store early on Sunday morning has been returned. CBS2 reports that an associate of the woman who stole the dog—named Suki—from in front of Khim's Millennium Market on Driggs Avenue returned him to dog sitter Guadalupe Garcia last night. "The person claimed the whole thing was a mistake and was not a dognapping," according to the outlet.

Garcia is dog-sitting for and subletting from Suki's owner, Yashoda Smith, who is on vacation in Greece. Garcia stopped into the store at N. 11th St. at 4 that morning to buy some chocolate, Smith said. According to ABC7:

The [dognapper] may have been questioning people outside the store about the dog before she went inside and purchased flowers. When she left, she nearly walked away before turning around and quickly unfastening the dog from his leash before scooping him up and walking back to her car.

"It's not just a dog, it's part of our family," Garcia said. "Who comes to a shop and buys flowers and steals a dog? It's like stealing a kid."

It is unclear if Smith plans to press charges. Calls to her and Garcia were not immediately returned.