Friends and family of the dog walker who died after falling down the stairs of a Red Hook apartment building on Thursday are mourning his loss.

It turns out that the man, identified as Massachusetts resident Chris Dallett, was taking the dogs out as a favor to this girlfriend, who has a dog walking business in the city. Dallett's girlfriend told the Post that he had previously walked the pit bull mix and Australian shepherd mix when he used to live in Brooklyn, and had gone to the apartment to walk the dogs in order and spend time with them.

“We both had been taking care of those dogs since [the owners] got them, so he knows them inside and out,” Carol West told the paper. Dallett's youngest daughter, Anais told the Post that Dallett had been working on his memoir before the fatal accident.

One of the dogs' owners told CBS2 that Dallett was "fantastic" and "a really nice man and very good with our dogs."

Dallett's older daughter, Liliana, told the News that her father was "a transcendent person," and that she didn't blame the dogs for his death, which he called a tragic accident.

“I don’t know what one does when you lose not only the person you come from, but your best friend,” she told the paper.