This is amazing (and sad): A one-year-old black-and-white terrier mix was apparently thrown off a Brooklyn apartment building—and survived. Neighbors called the ASPCA about the dog, who took her to a vet. The pup, named Oreo for her coloring, then underwent surgery at the ASPCA hospital, where vets repaired all of her limbs "with plates and screws. She also suffered internal bruising and damage to her lungs," according to the Post.

It's believed that Fabian Henderson, 19, threw the dog off the roof of the Red Hook Houses on June 18. The Daily News reports, "The ASPCA initially received a complaint that an animal was being beaten on the third floor of 28 W. Ninth St., where Henderson lives with his family... A few minutes later, the ASPCA got two more calls from people reporting a dog had been thrown off the roof." Henderson, who was arrested after the ASPCA conducted two weeks of interviews, allegedly admitted that he threw the dog off the roof but then said the dog jumped (witnesses say he threw the dog).

Henderson was charged with aggravated animal cruelty as well as trespassing (the roof) and reckless endangerment (because the dog could have hit someone on the ground). Henderson's mother claimed that she had never seen the dog before, telling the News, "I was surprised that he got arrested for that. He's basically a quiet person, good with animals," and she told the Post, "He is around the dog"—referring to their family dog Diamond—"all the time, and he has shown no signs of abuse with the dog or any family member."

As for Oreo, ASPCA Special Agent Joseph Pentangelo said, "She is healing, but it is a long road ahead." And here's the ASPCA's tips on how to spot animal cruelty.