If a human jumps a turnstile, the transit cops would be all over him/her. But when a dog gets on the subway without paying the fare, the police want to adopt her. But then again, Gothamist might have the same reaction. A dog got onto a 2 train at Burke Avenue yesterday morning, and took it to 180th Street, where she got onto another train and met a few police officers. The incident gave everyone an opportunity to wax about a dog that takes the subway. The Daily News had some quotes:

- "Maybe it had an appointment somewhere. Who knows what a dog does?" - Passenger at Burke Avenue
- "She was probably going to see the sights or see an old friend at the Bronx Zoo." - Another train passenger
- "I guess she [was waiting] for an express train or something" - Officer John Santana, who may end up adopting her - the dog is at Animal Control, where they are waiting for an owner to claim her

The Daily News wondered if the mutt was on its way to the Bronx Zoo, pointing out how the dog missed the stop. But the best part of the story is what other animals Officer Santana has witness riding the rails, "We've seen chickens, cats. Once a rat took a train downtown."

The MTA allows service animals on trains and buses; Gothamist doesn't know how they feel about dogs in purses, cats in carriers, or goldfish in bags, but if they don't take up another seat, it's probably okay. A dog rode the rails in England. And the above image is from animals on the underground.