A 10-year-old Belgian shepherd was spotted running in morning traffic on the George Washington Bridge Thursday morning, presumably in a desperate attempt to get back to his Upper East Side home. The dog, named Charlie, was spooked by the fireworks on the Fourth of July (we WARNED you!) and bolted from his owners' second home in Leonia, New Jersey. He then ran through the night, dashing across busy roads and making it all the way to the GW Bridge, where construction workers spotted him on the span and called for help.

Charlie was rescued by Port Authority officer Kameel Juman, who just so happens to keep a leash handy for just such emergencies. Port Authority press officer Al Della Fave tell us that Juman found the frightened dog on the catwalk high above the Hudson river. After winning Charlie's trust, he was able to slip the leash on his collar, and the lucky dog was taken to a local vet in New Jersey.

Aside from a bite on his hind leg and olfactory evidence that he was sprayed by skunk, Charlie is in good health. The dog was reunited with his relieved owner through his ID tag, and everyone gets an uplifting animal rescue story to forward to their grandchildren. Eat your heart out, Vinny!