Hmm, what do we make of this initiative in San Francisco where a company is going to start to recycle dog poop and turn it into a renewable energy source? Do we laugh at what those wacky hippie-geek types are doing, or should we think closely about those tons of dog poop that NYC's dogs create? Is there gold, no, an energy source, in them thar hills of poo? Granted, the San Fran poop-recycling test seems to only take place at a park, but given the number of parks and dog runs in the city - not to mention street corners - why not have little trash can specially designated for dog owners? The head of the City Council's Sanitation Committee, Councilman Michael McMahon, tells the NY Sun that the bigger issue is just getting dog owners to scoop poop. No kidding - or else people can sometimes go totally beserk - maybe people should be deputized (hey, if a cat can be a detective, why can't we?) to issue tickets to dog owners who don't scoop after their dogs.

Other city trash news: The Mayor promises to rid a neighborhood of a smell and there are doubts about the city's waste transfer plan.