2006_02_azalea.jpgEarlier this week, a woman was killed because of a dispute over a cat, today The Daily News reports that another death over an animal dispute this week as well. On Wednesday, Otto Mittler of Bayside broke his hip after being shoved to the ground. The 85 year-old Mittler died Friday. Out for a walk with his miniature schnauzer Max, Mittler's dog allegedly peed on one of Joseph Marsala's azalea's. Marsala, 84, sprayed Max in retaliation, which then caused an enraged Mittler to charge and punched Marsala. Marsala then shoved Mittler to ground where he broke his hip. After receiving emergency surgery to repair his hip, a pre-existing heart condition seems to have contributed to Mittler's death.

Ursula, Mittler's wife of 57 years was devastated, telling the News, "He was full of life. He loved everybody. He got to the grave sooner than he should have. We would have had a couple more years together."