IMPORTANT UPDATE: The dog, named Jake, is safe and sound. His human, Thayer Joyce, told Gothamist that he's been missing since December 30th, and went missing under the care of "a dogsitter from a well-known, insured service." Read the full update here.


A dog running around on the J/M/Z tracks over the Williamsburg Bridge caused extensive delays for subway riders around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

"I'M REALLY STUCK AT CANAL STREET BC A DOG IS RUNNING AROUND ON THE TRACKS ON THE WILLIAMSBURG BRIDGE," one man tweeted, at the time saying he'd been there for 40 minutes. According to ABC 7, the "J and M trains were delayed in both directions between Broad Street and Hewes Street," as the NYPD and MTA crews attempted to rescue the dog.

People were mad.

Things got ugly.

Power was shut down while they attempted to retrieve the dog. Anna Logic was stuck on the train for nearly two hours, and told Gothamist, "It was an hilarious and charming experience, but I'm sure if I had somewhere to be urgently or, like, needed to pee, I'd be much less charmed."

And then, a twist. Another man tweeted at the MTA noting, "I called in and reported a dog on the tracks around 10:30 a.m. at the canal street station... Still didn’t get the dog?" He added that he was now stuck again, on the J train, because of the dog. Or a dog. It's unclear at this time if they are the same dog.

We've reached out to the MTA for more information, and of course, photos of the dog, who they successfully rescued. According to the Post the dog had tags, and was taken by the NYPD to a shelter.

The delays for those on the train were long, however. Anna Logic tweeted that she was on a train with no power for nearly two hours.

Back in the day, monkeys and penguins took to the subway system—old New York really was better.