2006_02_barkis.jpgA Chow-Chow mix was killed by an electrified sidewalk in Park Slope. Owner Danny Kapailian had been walking Barkis on Third Avenue and Third Street and tells the Post that Barkis became agitated and tried to run into the street, but Kapilian kept him on the sidewalk because a car was approaching. After the dog started to convulse, an animal hospital was called and their workers realized Barkis was electrocuted when they picked him. This is terrible - the dog was 80 pounds! In true city agencies don't work together (okay, Con Ed is not a city agency, but it's a city utility, for heaven's sake) fashion, Con Ed says the shocks came from "corroding wires" where a lamp had been removed by the Department of Transportation two years ago - and the DoT never told Con Ed. So ridiculous. Maybe the DoT should email Con Ed with a list of other lamps they've removed.

A woman was shocked in the Bronx, but luckily she is all right. We're going to be hearing a lot of these stories, as the snow, slushy water, and salt lingers. And dog owners - get shoes for your pup!