So you want to live in a fancy co-op? Well, it's not easy if you have a dog. Thankfully, Brick Underground has a little guide on how to get your dog past the co-op board, which these days can include making sure they pass their "dog interview." And don't worry, there are prep courses for your dog to make sure you get that Central Park view!

Elena Gretch charges $175 an hour for sessions on canine etiquette, which include making sure your pup is friendly, quiet and won't bite anyone. The best way to prove this is by certifying the dog with the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Program, and presenting the certificate at the meeting instead of bringing the dog in person. Gretch says about six of her sessions would make a six-month-old puppy ready for the program. So, what do they teach?

The biggest test is the "Doorbell Test," where board members will ring a doorbell to make your sure your dog doesn't bark. Trainers will teach dogs to go to their beds when they hear the bell, and to generally stay seated and quiet during the whole interview. Gretch says, “The fact that the dog can sit quietly through an interview is a testament that the dog is not going to be a burden to the community." You should also be equipped with a portfolio of the pooch, complete with a letter of recommendation. It's just like college!

Owners of larger dogs may be out of luck, as boards tend to reserve their harshest judgment for dogs over 25 lbs. For them, you'll have to shell out the big bucks for grooming too. Or you could just get a cat.