This morning, a crowd gathered around an injured dog in Central Park; one person Tweeted, "Drama on the way to work; I didn't see it, but apparently a dog was hit by a car on Par @ Central Park Loop" with a photograph. It turns out the car was a cab—that didn't stop.

The Central Park Conservancy tells us "Around 9 a.m., a cab hit a golden retriever on the West Drive near 74th Street. The cab did not stop. The Central Park Conservancy's Director of Horticulture, Maria Hernandez, happened to be on-site and took the dog (with its owner) to Animal General on Columbus Avenue. She also took the cab's license plate number and gave it to the owner, advising her to report the hit-and-run to the NYPD. The current condition of the dog is unknown, although Maria said it was alert and not bleeding when she assisted in bringing it to Animal General."

We hope the dog recovers and that the owner does report it to the NYPD! FWIW, the speed limit in Central Park is 25 MPH.