A dog wrapped in a sleeping bag was thrown from a moving car in Queens this week. According to BluePearl Veterinary Partners, which is treating the approximately 6-month-old Rottweiler, was spotted near Cypress Avenue and Vermont Place around 10:30 p.m. on Thursday evening. "We were on a run for a car accident and got waved down by two witnesses," firefighter William Aaron told the News. "They thought they saw something come out of a car."

BluePearl Vet

Aaron then found the dog in the sleeping bag: "She was shivering and shaking," he said. "She was awake and not really alert." The dog was bruised, suffering from hypothermia, and had a seizure after suffering head trauma. She was taken to BluePearl, who have named her Dasher, and are giving her oxygen therapy, heat support, IV fluids and anti-seizure medication.

BluePearl Vet

It's unclear whether or not she'll survive her injuries, though Aaron has already offered to give her a home if need be: "If she needs a home I will definitely take her," he said.

Anyone interested in donating toward Dasher's recovery should contact BluePearl Veterinary Partners by calling 718.263.0099. Any funds not used for Dasher will be donated to Frankie’s Friends, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to help the next pet in need.