A lost—and possibly kidnapped—bulldog/ basset hound named Sugar has been returned to its Park Slope family after nearly a week's absence. Last Wednesday after losing her dog in Prospect Park, Drucie Belman got a call from unknown number, demanding money in exchange for the dog's safe return. But when she failed to offer enough, the canine's captor hung up and didn't reach her again. She and her family had all but lost hope when this morning she got a more auspicious call. "[A man] said [Sugar] was tied to a bush and that she is very cold, shaking with fear," Belman told the Daily News. She and her family immediately took off for the park. "My two kids, my husband, we all ran. I kept thinking as we were running, 'this is a hoax, this is a hoax." Sugar was dehydrated and had been bitten by another dog, but was otherwise unharmed.