A 3-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, who goes by the name Ramsay, has gone missing at JFK Airport! The pup's owner, Amy Stefanowksi—a Connecticut native living in London—received a call earlier this week notifying her about her missing dog. He allegedly disappeared after his crate fell off a conveyor belt, opening the latch and setting him free. According to the Daily News, Stefanowski hasn't had any luck finding him, despite hiring a sniffer dog and two dog psychics to help in the search.

The 45-year-old told the paper, "He's one of those pampered little pocketbook dogs. I'm thinking he's outside, alone, wondering where the heck I am, wondering how did he get in this situation. I'm heartsick."

The dog was brought to JFK by a pet transport company, and he was loaded onto the conveyor belt by a British Airways baggage handler. Stefanowski has offered a $4,000 reward for her dog's return. Let's just hope he wasn't the victim of a bird strike.