A dog was fatally struck by an LIRR train in Queen yesterday, and its owner was grazed by the train chasing after it. According to the Times, Duchess, a female pit bull, escaped through an open gate in owner Karma Gurung's Elmhurst backyard fence around 10 a.m. on Friday. The dog ran onto the train tracks, and was killed by a Penn Station-bound train from Great Neck, about 200 yard away from the Woodside station.

“I was calling and she was running to me, too close to the tracks,” Gurung told the Times, noting the one-year-old dog often played in the backyard unleashed. “I was trying to grab hold of her at the same time as the train hit her right in the head.” Gurung sustained a minor injury to his hand as he tried to pull her back.

Service on the line was delayed for about 45 minutes. “It seemed like something else must have happened,” said Jose Salamone, who was on the train headed to work. “For a dog, we were held up there for more than an hour.” When two kittens were spotted frolicking on the subway tracks earlier this week, the B/Q line was shut down for nearly two hours to try to get them off of it.

Gurung maintains it was an accident, but he was also given a summons for trespassing on the tracks, according to the MTA. Initially, it was reported that Gurung was walking the dog off-leash on the tracks, but that has since been refuted by the MTA.