A Brooklyn dog went on a six-hour odyssey when he broke loose from his dog walker on Friday morning—and prompted his panicked owner to convince a JetBlue pilot to bring the departing plane back to Laguardia airport. Gwen Wunderlich told WCBS 2, "I told the stewardess. I got up, and she was like, ‘Are you sure? We can only turn around for emergencies.’ I’m like, ‘this is an emergency for me.'"

Wunderlich was on a plane to Costa Rica when, just before 7 a.m., her dog walker called upset, saying that Cash, a Chow Chow, had escaped around Tillary and Gold Streets in downtown Brooklyn. According to the Daily News, "Within a few moments, calls were being made to the city’s 911 system about Cash wandering along the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian path, Wunderlich said."

While Wunderlich was headed back to Brooklyn to search for the dog, her friends created flyers and alerts for help in spotting the dog. "Everyone was trying to get him. People were stopping their cars. There was even a construction worker who took off his belt and tried to get Cash with it," she told the News, which also created a map of Cash sightings.

Apparently Cash was spotted on the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian path, headed to Manhattan around 7:15 a.m. Around 11 a.m., he was seen under a bench at 51st Street and 1st Avenue by a park worker, but then he took off.

Wunderlich tried to follow all the spottings, "We drove to Canal Street, we drove to the Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, back downtown by Canal Street."

Then, at 1:30 p.m., Animal Care and Control let Wunderlich know that Cash had headed into a deli on 18th Street and 8th Avenue and sat behind a counter. The News suggests "Cash may have been looking for love when he wandered off" because he wasn't neutered.

Wunderlich was reunited with Cash in the afternoon, but she said that the dog is staying "overnight to get neutered" on Saturday. (He's also getting microchipped.) Here's Wunderlich's account of Cash's big day. She added, "I also got texts today that he was in Tribeca, the FDR and by the Freedom Tower. This boy had quite the journey."