With snow starting to cover the city, it might be a good time to keep in mind that Con Ed still has many areas to examine for potential "hot zones." The Post reports that two dogs were electrocuted from a puddle in Chelsea. Adam Fleischer was walking his Rottweiler and bichon frise when they started to yelp in front of 230 West 17th Street. Con Ed said that live wires caused the problem and offered to pay for the dogs' medical expenses; plus they said they were working to make sure the area is safe. Con Ed's reaction is a far cry from what they said after East Village Jodie Lane died from being electrocuted by exposed wires on East 11th Street January of this year; they had said it was a freak accident, only for other "hot zones" to be discovered all over the city.

After Lane's death, the NY Times found that many New Yorkers knew there were electrocuted areas because their dogs would act scared; the above photo is from the January 2003 Times story. And Lane's family and Con Ed reached a settlement earlier this year, which included the formation of a task force to make sure the city is safe.