2006_07_fakedogdoo.jpgFinally, some closure to a story we had been closely following. Earlier this year, 57 year old Joel Krupnik, threw dog poop at a teenager who didn't scoop after her dog. Krupnik was already in the public eye as he put a wacky Christmas display, complete with a Santa figure wielding a knife and decapitated doll's head (to deplore the commercialization of Christmas, of course), outside his house. So when it turned out that some Chihuahua droppings caused him to chase the 13 year old dog owner and toss the poop onto the girl's Catholic school uniform, reporters knew where to go. Krupnik admitted he threw the poop ("I'm tired of these people not picking up after their dogs. I took the mess and I rubbed it in her back.") and was duly charged. Yesterday he pleaded guilty, and these are the terms of his plea deal: 10 days of community service, mental health counseling, and $88 to buy the girl a new jacket. We doubt the community service will involve working with animals.

At any rate, we hope the lesson for all is that you should not leave your dog's poop on the sidewalk. You're walking your dog, you should know he/she will want to poop. Leaving animal poop out is a violation of the city health code!